PGC Helsinki Digital: 86% of UK adults dislike video ads in mobile games

86 per cent of adults in the UK dislike video advertisements in mobile games, according to AudioMob founder and CEO Christian Facey. The stat was taken from a sample size of 2,200 respondents and was revealed during one of the Monetiser sessions at PGC Helsinki Digital, where Facey discussed the benefits of the revenue technique. […]

How’s It Going?: Mobile Games Edition

I see you. Yes, you! Come on in. Come chat with other Kotaku readers in another one of our daily open threads. I have a bunch of consoles and big TV that they are all hooked up to. I also have a large list of games I want to play or replay and I have […]

Best new mobile games on iOS and Android – September 2020 round-up

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is even worse than you might have expected, as one of the best games of the month involves playing as a dog’s kidney. One of the beauties of mobile gaming is also its biggest vice: free to play. It gives you the chance to try games without risk but can also […]

Mobile games and the role of technology in advancing it

In the past years, we cannot imagine playing games by sitting at home. But now technology has made a great success. Mobile phones are introduced in the digital world. Android phones were invented in 2010, and from now the advancement is on its peak. Mobile phones have not only made human life more accessible but […]

5 fresh indie mobile games to try this month

1 Save the Princess Genre: Adventure We gamers have done more than our share of princess-saving over the years, but never like this. Save the Princess, a new offering from Wolf Games, is a choose-your-own-adventure title based on a story by bestselling Russian author Yuri Nikitin. It’s a dark fantasy tale and a modern take […]

10 US Mobile Games That Are Coming In 2020 – South Florida Reporter

As our mobile phones have continued to evolve, there have been several developers creating an app for what feels like everything. With apps for work, self-care, and even mobile gaming, you are somewhat spoilt for choice. To help you get the pick of the bunch, we will be providing you with a list of 10 […]

Can video games help save the planet?

You slide your finger across the screen, the red bird sitting in a slingshot is ready to fly – you tweak the angle and let go. The bird soars across the sky and as you watch its progress on your phone you’re probably not thinking about saving the planet. But that’s about to change. The […]