Oculus Quest 2 Leaked By Facebook, Features XR2, ‘Almost 4K’

It looks like Oculus Quest 2 leaked again, and this time by Facebook itself. A ton of content surrounding the rumored device, which does indeed appear to be called Oculus Quest 2, has been discovered on Facebook’s Blueprint website. Some of it’s been taken down but not before others could stick it on YouTube, and […]

How Pixel Ripped 1995 Is A Nostalgia-Fueled Time Machine

Nostalgia hits different in VR; it can recreate not only the things that what you once loved, but also the environment you were in when you loved it. There’s no better example of that all-encompassing nostalgia than Pixel Ripped 1995. Our rose-colored memories of how things used to be are a powerful force in their […]