Our toddler became a famous actor!!

Luca Pretorius, the young dad of 2 year-old Ben, recently made the headlines thanks to his son!

Amazing as it might sound, this actually happened in Cape Town about a month ago when Luca Pretorius, a 30 year-old dad was at home in the afternoon with his 2 year-old son, Ben.

“My wife was still at work, so me and my boy were in the living room playing like we usually do! When a while later he asked for a snack I went into the kitchen to prepare something quick before he made a mess in the house!

I was listening to him banging on things and throwing stuff on the floor so I decided to give him my phone to listen to some music! Don’t judge me for that! If you’re a parent with a hyper kid who never sits in one place, you sometimes need to give him something to watch!”

Luca explains that Ben was only given the phone to watch his little music videos online.

“It’s just a thing he loves to do! He listens to kid’s songs, or watches mini series with toddlers singing and dancing! It’s actually pretty educating and he’s learned a lot of new things and songs the past few months. Plus, it really is the only way to get him to sit for a minute and not worry that he’s running around trying to climb on chairs or tables!”, Luca says.

“I was making him a sandwich when I realized that I hadn’t heard a peep out of him for the last two minutes! Nor could I listen to any music from the living room! So I got out of the kitchen real quick and run to him to see if he was ok!

He was on the couch where I left him, and was still holding my phone but he wasn’t listening to music so I decided to check what he was watching and thank God I did!”

Luca freaked out when he realized that his son was on another website, and clicking on an online application form!

“I don’t even know how he managed to get in there! Surely by accident, but still!

I took the phone out of his hands to make sure he hadn’t done anything serious when I realized he had somehow gone into the music channel’s website! The website must have popped while he was watching his video and he clicked on it!

What’s even more unreal is that my son had also accidentally clicked on an application form to be part of the kid’s club on TV!”, says Luca.

What he did next would forever change their lives

“There I was, watching the mess my little Ben could have done, thanking my instinct for running to him before he did something worse, and at the same time… I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I just gave that a go! My son could be one of the kid actors in the music videos”.

According to Luca he and his wife had always thought that little Ben would end up being an actor or a singer because he just loved dancing and singing, and putting up little shows.

“Probably most parents think that their kids are going to become big stars, but ours really had a natural talent for it”, he laughed.

“So when I saw that I could apply on my son’s behalf, I said why not! What’s the worst that could happen?!So I applied and sent a short video of Ben dancing and singing!

I explained everything to my wife when she came home and she just laughed! But when an hour later I got a call from the music channel’s representative saying that they would love to meet our son the next day, we both started getting really excited!

Luca explains how the company loved him and signed him on the spot!

“If it wasn’t for my little boy I would have never found out about this! I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason and I’m a walking testament to that!”, he says.

“Ben is a rising star! They want him on every show, and the fame that came from this helped us get a new house and another car!

“My 2 year-old got me a house and a car! I say that to everyone and they freak out! But it’s true, right?”, he says laughingly!

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