How’s It Going?: Mobile Games Edition

I see you. Yes, you! Come on in. Come chat with other Kotaku readers in another one of our daily open threads.

I have a bunch of consoles and big TV that they are all hooked up to. I also have a large list of games I want to play or replay and I have a PC that can play most modern games on Steam. And yet, I often find myself at the end of many days curled up on my office couch, playing some mobile game. Part of it is comfort. After sitting upright and typing all day, I sometimes want to sprawl. I want to layout on my back or curl up on my side and mobile games allow this. I’ve tried playing the Switch curled up and it just didn’t work for me. Plus, I can hold my phone with one hand and play many games on it easily.

I do feel a tinge of guilt for spending time playing some silly phone games instead of digging back into Ghost of Tsushima or playing one of the hundreds of cool indie games that are sitting in my backlog. But then again, these mobile games often relax me and help me zone out from the world while watching some TV or Youtube. So if it ends up making me feel better, why should I stop? I can always play Ghost of Tsushima tomorrow.

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How’s it going? Have you found yourself playing mobile games lately? I feel like when I get stressed out or too tired of THE WORLD, I fall back to mobile games. How’s your week been? Any good news to share!?

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