Hitman Developers Detail More VR Interactions And Changes

Hitman developers IO Interactive detailed some more gameplay changes and interactions that are being implemented specifically for PSVR.

We already heard about some of the PSVR-specific changes being implemented for NPC detection and interaction, but now we have some more details about blending in and ‘priming’ weapons, thanks to a PlayStation blog post last week.

One of the core mechanics of the modern Hitman series is the ability to ‘blend in’ while using a disguise. This will see Agent 47 automatically perform a task associated with the disguise, hiding him from enforcers that might recognize him. If you’re disguised as a chef, for example, blending in might involve Agent 47 chopping up some vegetables at a work bench.

IO Interactive announced that on PSVR you’ll have to actually perform the blending in tasks if you want to avoid detection, as you can see above. While it probably won’t be an overly deep mechanic, it does add an extra layer of difficulty to the stealth component of the game. Normally, the automatic blend in actions give you a reprise to look around and asses the situation — having to chop some vegetables while in disguise might complicate that a bit.

There’s also a new ‘priming’ system used exclusively while playing on PSVR, which primes an item or weapon when you’re ready to use it to attack or interact with. This isn’t needed outside of VR — it’s been implemented so that you can carry an item in VR without it being interpreted an attack if it brushes against someone in a crowd, for example.

Hitman 3 releases January 20 for Xbox, PS4, PS5 and PC, and will support PSVR on PS4 at launch.

Credit: Hitman Developers Detail More VR Interactions And Changes